"Everything will be okay as long as you are okay with everything."


--Michael Singer
The Untethered Soul

Comedy Reel
Comedy Reel
Drama Reel
Just finished the 
PIG IRON Theatre Co. summer intenstive where I studied the neutral mask, commedia dell'arte and Balinese masks and the red-nosed clown


Co-creating and starring in:


Wingin' It (the web series)



A dark-ish comedy about the unlikely friendship and misadventures of a Beverly Hills socialite and a suicidal oddball.


We made over $12,000 on our Kickstarter Campaign! (We hit our $7,500 goal in the first 8 days!!)








Performed in a reading of Chris Canaan's Writer's Block: An Absurd Comedy with Lofty Ambitions at the Drake Theatre in Philadelphia

About Debbie

So glad to be back in my hometown of Philadelphia after living in Los Angeles and NYC for many years. 


I'm living in West Philly, exploring with my little lovebug of a dog, George, training kids for their bar and bat mitzvahs, and seeing as much theater as I can.

Someone I just met unknowingly sized me up perfectly: "You're all classed up, then I look down and see bare feet!" My "barefoot side" takes me to Jewish environmental education seminars and sustainable food conferences, and makes vermicompost in a little box under my sink. My "classed up" side takes me to tango lessons and plays Rabbi for Bar and Bat mitzvahs all over the world.

Some random facts: I drink coffee and tea out of a metal straw, listen to LP's, go to the theatre alone, drink fancy beers, and only read the Tuesday New York Times (yes, only Tuesday) - for the perfect crossword puzzle and the Science Times.

“Debbie is a bright, thoughtful, unpredictable, compassionate, spirited actor. She brings an unmatched warmth, energy and humor to her roles – watching her is a delight and playing with her is heavenly.”

                                                                    --Sasha Carrera



DeWalt Management

818 562 7051

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